Saturday, May 20, 2006

A change of perspectives....

Despite the fact of being Spanish my first language, I've decided to change it for english.

Several reasons come to my mind, to begin with, if (luckily) any person not spanish speaker decides to surf in my blog this will facilitate it and an exchange of opinions might take place.

The second reason is that sometimes while taking about "something else" (within the title) expressing feelings, sensations, emotions, etc. in our own language might give the sensation of "nakedness" and exposure. This might sound bizarre but lately every time I say something that touches my heart I feel exposed to rare reactions, to be misunderstood, not being able to choose correctly the exact words under the statement of being spanish my native language. Therefore writing in a foreign language will encourage me to choose more carefully the exact words to express myself.

And the third reason is that sometimes is easier to find information about "wine" in english so the act of translating is dramatically reduced as well as the danger of not choosing the words carefully.

Anyhow if someone feels that not being able to read my weird thoughts in Spanish is not "proper" and will rather encourage me to change it back to how it was, please write my a comment and I will consider it.

Sorry for not taking about wine today... today "otras cosas" ruled!