Friday, December 15, 2006

Un amigo incondicional

Estoy en Mundo E con un excelente amigo... Adal....

Coming back to life!

When things go wrong and hope seems to leave you, there is always a place to go to.... HOME!

After a tough time of not being able to recover the smile that formerly invaded me, I finally let myself heal and cut finally the hope that kept me mourning.... I decided not to think about him anymore.

And one of the things I did, was to put all the memories in the Christmas tree, right next to the teddy bears that we decided to include in it. All the corks that reminded me of those beautiful times together were added to the tree as a sign of a new begining.... as something that helped me be who I am now but that will be gone with the season.

And therefore, the new year will be full with experiences of new wines, new hopes, new perspectives.

Keep track of them... I will definitely try to be more regular.

See ya