Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What I can't say!

Life is difficult sometimes, but even in difficult moments we have to indulge ourselves to remember that life, allthough bitchy, is worth living.
I had a nice weekend in the company of my family and we decided to have some sushi for lunch. I decided to give a try to a nice white wine that I tested during a "Vino and Club wine tasting dinner" maridated with fish and shrimp tostadas.
This wine if from the Torreon de Paredes winery.

This wine is actually slightly dry but very refreshing. It is made with Sauvignon Blanc just like the producer explains in his web page. Unfortunatelly there is something wrong with the upload of images so I won't be able to show it properly.

As we combined the sushi with this wine the result was "perfect". Just the right dryness and lots of flavour.

Try it.... Torreon de Paredes Sauvignon Blanc 1999.... great with sushi!

And just to keep you posted....
During this time of lousy behaviour and incredible anguish
I have the need to express myself
and this space gives me that opportunity.

I can't talk to my love... we decided not to do it...
for the relationship's sake
but there is so much love that
I just can't help myself ! I miss him sooooo much!

I'm trying to be patient
but it is not part of my repertoir
I just want this pain to go away
and start the healing process

But, whatever the result may be
I just have to say
that you are the love of my life
and that I will never ever forget
the taste of your lips
the strengh of your passion
the look in your eyes
and the awsome way you made me feel
while making love

Have a nice life
and I hope you find
someone much better than me
much prettier
more mature
more intelligent
more patient
more passionate
less complex
less inquisitive
less insecure
less demanding
less self centered
less family oriented
less catholic

Wish you the best always!!!!

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