Monday, March 26, 2007

Napa Valley... a paradise!

Not having time is the common phrase I have been using for the past month! but to some extent is a major challenge to establish a routine to keep going on with all the things I like to do.
Two weeks ago I had the awsome opportunity of visiting the Robert Mondavi Vinyards in Napa Valley and the adventure was incredible!. Let me share with you some of the pictures that are just a little taste of what Napa is.

Just after crossing the entrance we have the awsome view of the sculpture of a woman welcoming everybody home

Then, the vineyard itself, with the vines in their "latent" state. It is just the time when the feet will start to appear.

Souvenirs are always available!

And finally the place where the wine is let to age in french oak barrels.

And after a visit to the vineyards and trying 3 different wines (not my favorites though!) we visited the Mustard's festival in downtown Napa....
An awsome weekend after a week of hard work at Bruker in Fremont!
Difficult to come back home... but after the welcome back given by this three angels, my life came back to track.

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