Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Inside of this 4 walls -with great windows and not so bad view- I just can't find the inspiration.
I ought to finish a report (due august of last year...oops! just a little late ah?) and it seems to take me forever.
This is the only space I have to try to express myself without the interaction of other humans.

I miss everybody, but specially I miss U... the one who says "don't do it", you, who is taking all the risks, just because you believe in us... even though I am scare to death!.

You are having sooooo much patience and this makes me nuts!
You are taking your time and the desire of being with you is increasing
You are giving me space and this only makes me desire not to have this space
You are being yourself and you are letting me be myself, more selfish than I used to, but still me!
You are giving me hope in a new life and this is making me dream

I just miss u badly but I will see you tonight.

See ya!

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