Wednesday, June 28, 2006

It's a good day!

After soooo much time, I finally give myself some time to write what has happened to me lately....

It is rather unfortunatelly that I have not been as constant as I should because, so far, I have at least 30 different wines to write about and obviously I won't do so here today!

Today.... today it was a good day!, first of all I was invited by a researcher at UNAM (the University in Mexico where I did my undergraduate studies as well as my masters) to give a talk about the HR-MAS probe I use at CIP (where I work)... it went well (probably better than I expected)... and afterwards.... the traditional lunch took place. We went to an Argentinian restaurant "Piantao" in Cuicuilco (Mexico City), with three more researchers...We ordered "tonge", chorizo and a greek salad to share and each of us decided to go for a steak. I decided to have a "bifé de chorizo" and the other three gentlemen went for arrachera, vacio and "bife de lomo"...

Everything was perfect... a nice talk.... a good place to eat... great view.... great company... and finally the waiter came with the wine menu and at unison the three gentlemen said: "I'll have a beer"!!!!!! WHAT!!! BEER!!! with and excellent meat!!! BEER??????

I couldn't control myself and decided to drink "solo" by the glass while these gentlemen... researchers... the best of the country.... interesting people... with an awsome conversation...had... BEER?!!!!

Anyway... my Cono Sur Cabernet Sauvignon went well with my meat and I enjoyed it big time. It was very fruty, not as strong as I normally feel the Cabernet Sauvignon. I couldn't see the vintage... that's why I didn't look for a picture of it.

On my way home... in my ipod video (can't believe I could live without it before!) i listened to "ensambre Galileo" an awsome medieval-sefaradi-renacence music ad hoc for the lousy traffic frequently suffered in Mexico City.... (

But the best of all... was to arrive at home... and a gorgeous loving boyfriend (soon-to-be-husband) was waiting for me... with a huge hug and with the most beautiful words in his mouth: Hi beautiful princess, welcome home, I'm so proud of you!

After "beer?!"... his words just made my day!

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