Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A detour in a life!

Some of us are really not "as young" as we think we are, and at this time in life, a change in perspectives is rather uncommon..... anyhow.... my life has changed and, as usual, wine and champagne were there... as silent witnesses eager to reveal themselves.

Two days ago, I decided to join my life with the most beautiful human being I have ever encountered and, luckyly enough, he decided to love me as well.... nice merge of existences with a low probability to occurr.... considering the number of humans in this planet, in this continent, in this country, in this city.....

The wedding was full with mexican appetizers , the music from Donna Lewis ... "I love you always forever" and a nice Monte Xanic .... a mexican white wine with a combination of Chenin and Colombard grapes (95 and 5% respectively). Chile was there too, in the presence of Casillero del Diablo, Cabernet Sauvignon.....the whole experience was awsome ... it's great being surrounded by loving people who wished us the best for our lives and blessings all over the place.

But today.... we had my parents, brothers and my sisters in law, my niece, a couple of cousins and the mother of one of my sisters-in-law for dinner. I have to confess that cooking is definitely not part of my escence so I decided to ask for "gourmet pizzas" to be delivered home and... the dinner started....

To maridate with a "4 formaggi" pizza and a "boscomare" pizza (mushrooms and shrimps) I decided to uncork a Pinot Noir wine from the Burgundy region..... Cotes de Beaune-Village 1998.....

Cotes de Beaune-Village was from the producer Louis Jadot, quite common in Mexico City, it was very soft, with a faded red colour, with lots of sediments and with a very delicate but complex flavour.... a good wine to share. Cotes de Beaune is found in Burgundy, France close to the city of Dijon. In general terms in Burgundy, the more specific the label is, the better the wine.... this is.... if the label just says "Bourgogne" it means that the grapes are from all over the region... if another label says "Cotes de Beaune" it gets more specific so the quality of the wine is better... then if it says "Cotes de Beaune-Village" it is even better... but the ultimate is when the label has the name of the town..... e.g. "Gevrey-Chambertin". So this was " a medium" wine but still it was very good.

But probably the frost on the cake was at the end of the evening.... when the star had the right temperature.... a 1990 bottle of Cuvée Dom Perignon....a great champagne!. I have to confess that ,to me... La veuve Cliquot was the ultimate champagne ever, but this "star" just took my breath away..... Try it... no special occation is needed.... well... to us... a wedding was definitely a special occasion, but still... no pretext is needed to enjoy the gifts of nature processed in the hands of expert champagneoises!.

Again... sharing a wine is what makes life worthliving... and when it is with your loved one.... it's even better!!!

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