Monday, August 28, 2006

Feeling blue!

Growing up is really painful and now I really feel what love is, and how much is hiden within ourselves.
I hurt big time the man i love.. i really love... I can't imagine my life without him after sooo much we have lived.
But to some extent I am harmful to him... i hurt him and it hurts me more because I am still a child.
In my effort to make him close to me... I send him away!!
My heart is broken, torn into pieces and I am not finding a way to fix it
Everything came as in an avalanche... all at one time... all in just a couple of months....
I want to call him or write to him and let him know that I am still trying... that I would like him to
forgive me............. but he has the right to refuse to do it!
He warned me... and I didn't pay attention...

Right now he only thing I wish, is for him to read and feel this song.... it shows exactly how I feel.

de tenerte en mis brazos
musitando palabras de amor

de sentir tus encantos
y en la boca
volverte a besar

Quizás este llorando
al recordarte
mis lagrimas son perlas
que caen al mar
y el eco adormecido
desde lamento hace
que estes presente
en mi soñar

Quizás estés llorando al recordarme
y estreches mi retrato con frenecí
y hasta tu oido llegue
la melodia salvaje
y el eco de la pena
de estar sin ti


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