Monday, March 10, 2008

Bordeaux 2003 or 2005

One of the things I enjoy the most is to open a bottle of wine that tastes like fruit not so much wood in it. This is why my kind of wines are more Cote du Rhone style, a little Bourgogne, but Bordeaux are more complex and big and definitely I have left them as for the big leagues.
Today I was breave enough to open a bottle of Bordeaux 2005 from the brand Phillipe the Rothchild (generic) and maridated it with mole poblano... yes! with mole poblano! and I have to confess that I was gladly surprised!
The match was perfect. The mole tasted more like chocolate while the wine showed all the fruit of blackberries, cherry and red fruits that was a complete treat to my palate!

The only thing I can encourage you is to try to take some risks... some of them are just awsome and will fulfill your expectations.
And in this moment I will share the model of one of my favorite podcasts... Wine for Newbies by Bill Wilson... keep trying new things... all the rest is comentary.

Have fun...

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