Monday, January 29, 2007

In Amsterdam.....

After taking a plane from Mexico to Amsterdam around 8 pm (mexican time) we landed at the other side of the world nearly an hour earlier! (12:30 local time).... and there was.... my oasis...

We took a cab for going to the hotel and finally leave everything unpacked and take advantage of the weather to visit downtown Amsterdam by foot... nearless to say, after a couple of hours, the Tram was our best option... a stripenkaarte (long enough for plenty of trips).... the lousy weather according to my companions... awsome weather according to me!

I found myself looking regularly to the watch... at the local time... for a party was going to take place in Ultrech at 6... and I just wanted to be there on time...Brought some mole with me, tortillas and 2 bottles of Calixa.... specially developed for the authentic mexican food... particularly mole poblano.

Calixa (pronounced cali-sha) is the new expression of the mexican wine in the new millenium growed specially to maridate with the complex and yet flavourful mexican cuisine.

The ethnic roots of the name Calixa - have a soft and sensual sound, yet at the same time, exotic; a simple reflection of it´s young exuberant personality and it´s place of origin: the deserted valleys in the heart of the Baja California Peninsula.

The print on the label shows it´s elegant expression. The gold seal engraved with the prehispanic symbol “Dos Acatl” means “New Fire”, it represents a belief in some of the most ancient cultures of our country; every 52 years a man´s cycle ends and a new one begins along with hope for the future.

Calixa es one of the brands of the house Monte Xanic -which means "the flower that blooms after the first rain" in Cora language and is a delicious Cabernet Sauvignon with a soft finish yet full of body with a scent of pepper and long lasting flavours.

But again... the best part was the company.... an international group, from all latitudes and obviously... the osis.

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